Kenpo Karate

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Looking to start a Karate class? You came to the right place! Sign up for Kenpo Karate at The Miller Center! Kenpo Karate directly translates to law of the fist and the empty hand. Sometimes called “the science of street fighting,” the style focuses not on sport but rather disabling an attacker as quickly and efficiently as possible. This introductory class will emphasize mastery of the basics of martial arts and will build the foundation for advanced techniques and a complex library of motion. All classes will incorporate fitness and conditioning with safe stretching and warm up at the beginning of each class. Striking and pad work is emphasized. Anatomy and bio-mechanics are taught related to all techniques. This will be an incredibly fun and stimulating class, both mentally and physically.

When: Tuesday’s and Thursday’s at 6:30-7:30 PM starting on February 6th until March 1st

Fees: Individual – $70     Drop In – $12    *All participants will need the $15 ADMIN fee (1-time fee)

Ages: 12+   *We may accept younger students. Email Kyle Snyder ( if you have a child under the age of 12 interested!

For more information, contact Kyle Snyder at or call The Miller Center at (570)556-4191.

To sign up for Kenpo Karate, click here.