Miller Center

July 2018 Member of the Month

The Miller Center for Recreation and Wellness would like to honor Marcy Shaeffer as our Member of the Month for July, 2018.

Marcy is not just a member; Marcy is an advocate. Sure, Marcy can be seen checking into the fitness center to stay well, but her real reasons for being here are much more personal. Her countless volunteer hours in our Parkinson’s programs are what really caught the eye of Cindy Murphy, and that’s why she nominated her for Member of the Month.

We asked Marcy why volunteering at The Miller Center is so important to her. “Several years ago, a relative was diagnosed with Parkinson ’s disease. Over the years, I observed his ups and downs with medications, and many changes in physical abilities. His children are extremely concerned about his health, as are many other family members. It’s heartbreaking watching him deal with such a lousy disease.” Marcy adds, “Several months ago, Terry (Stahley) told me how rewarding it was assisting with the Parkinson’s disease class. (I had no idea that the Miller Center offered such a class.) I couldn’t help but wonder if my relative could benefit from such a class. However, I couldn’t really discuss it with him without more information. A few days later, I asked Cindy about the class and immediately volunteered to assist with the next session.”

As for what it’s like to volunteer in a Parkinson’s class at The Miller Center, Marcy remarked, “Volunteering to assist with the PWR!Moves for Parkinson’s Disease classes is a great experience – definitely not a task! I’ve observed improvement in physical abilities, and people willing to try new activities and exercises. Recently, one of the participants commented, “I couldn’t do this exercise a year ago.” Wow, what a powerful statement! Terry was right, volunteering to assist with the Parkinson’s Disease class is very, very rewarding!”

As our honoree, Marcy will receive a $25 gift certificate to our Cornerstone Kitchen, a Miller Center water bottle, and a reserved parking spot. Congratulations, Marcy, on being our July 2018 Member of the Month! We are SO thankful for your membership, volunteer hours and most of all, for your kindness to others.