Miller Center

December 2018 Member of the Month

The Miller Center for Recreation and Wellness would like to honor Micah Reigel as our Member of the Month for December 2018.

Full disclosure, Micah is not just a member. Micah was here long before The Miller Center was The Miller Center. During construction in 2017, Micah worked for a local IT provider and was the driving force behind our computers, networking, IT, phones and wireless connectivity. So, Micah has been with us from the start!

Micah has undergone a tremendous transformation in the past few months and wanted to share his success story with all of our members. We asked Micah about life before he started working out at The Miller Center. “Before I joined the Miller Center, I was overweight and generally unhappy with my physical appearance. I never let my weight stand in the way of what I wanted to do, but I knew it was a problem that needed to be fixed. I was also more prone to other normal sicknesses like common colds, etc. I knew a lot of what I was consuming was not organic or even remotely healthy in some cases.”

But, something happened. Micah decided to make a change. “Ultimately, life is about making the “right” decisions, right? Diet and exercise are always the right decision. I was not who I wanted to be. I realized that my habits were wrong, and everyone knows you can’t keep the same habits and expect better results.”

micah before after
Micah’s Amazing Transformation

Micah began his journey with some morning visits to The Miller Center, which then turned to sometimes morning and sometimes evening, and some days, Micah would even do “two-a-days” where’d visit morning and evening. He could not stay away! “I know the staff pretty well, and I can say with confidence they’re all great people with great personalities! The atmosphere is every bit as good as the facility!”

While weight loss was a big part of Micah’s transformation, it was not just about that. He advises, “Don’t get on that scale! Try eating healthy and making good decisions in your diet for at least three months to really start feeling the difference. It’s simple decisions that I make every day in my eating habits and exercise routines that helped me ultimately lose weight and get into a better shape. Sometimes hopping on the scale can be demoralizing depending on what you see. You may even get discouraged when you don’t see the numbers you were expecting. But, I can tell you with confidence, that if you eat healthy, avoid junk food, and get a workout routine that challenges you, you’ll see and feel results! Feeling better is far more important than moving the needle on the scale. As you start to feel the changes, you’ll start making better decisions easily. It’s never too late to start, but it’s certainly too long to wait!”

Micah resides in Mifflinburg, PA, with his daughter, son and two cats. His favorite fitness activities are running and using resistance bands and weights. He enjoys rebuilding cars and loves all things technical. In fact, he loves tech so much that he trudged here through a foot of snow to get our computers back up and running after a prolonged power outage. Thanks, Micah!

As our honoree, Micah will receive a $25 gift certificate to our Cornerstone Kitchen, a Miller Center water bottle, and a reserved parking spot. Congratulations, Micah, on being our December 2018 Member of the Month! We are so happy that you are feeling healthier, and can’t wait to see how you will challenge yourself next.