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Employee Spotlight – Olivia Conklin

For August 2022, we are featuring Certified Personal Trainer Olivia Conklin in our Employee Spotlight. Olivia is fairly new to the Lewisburg YMCA as she joined us in May of this year. Olivia hit the ground running and picked up new personal training clients as well as motivating the ones she inherited. Olivia has also brought additional life to our Parkinson’s Exercise Program, our Styku body measurement system and oversees the Phase III Cardiac Rehab Program. If you haven’t met Olivia yet, please say hello! She is a busy trainer and loves to connect with YMCA members. Read on to get to know Olivia, and if you’re interested in working with her, reach out to her today.

Name: Olivia Conklin

Hometown and Current Residence: Montoursville, PA

High School: Montoursville Area High School

College: Misericordia University for my Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science; University of Florida for my online Master’s of Science program in Applied Physiology and Kinesiology with a Concentration in Human Performance

Family: Parents – Tim and Stacy Conklin; Siblings – three brothers (Brett, Nicholas, and Colton); older brothers are married and I have two sisters in law (Cali and Courtney); I have two nieces and two nephews

Boyfriend: My boyfriend and I have been together for over two years and his name is Quintin and he also is from Montoursville

How you got started in fitness: I was a competitive dancer for 15 years and then I was on the Dance Team in college; I ran cross country in junior high and in high school; I did track and field in high school

Who influenced you along the way: My family was a huge supporter of me and always came to competitions, recitals, and sporting events. In college, my professor for my Exercise Science courses always encouraged me and led me in the direction of Personal Training.

What you do for fun: I enjoy being outdoors and going hiking; I also love to do crafts and I enjoy cooking; I love to hangout with family and friends

What is on your bucket list: I would love to travel to more places throughout the country, especially out west

Favorite Food: French Fries or Salad

Favorite Candy: SweeTARTS

Favorite Travel Spot: Murrels Inlet in South Carolina (my family goes there every summer for vacation)

Favorite Movie: I am a big fan of the Marvel movies or any Nicholas Sparks movie

Fun Fact: Not really fun, but I have broken 6 bones (two before the age of 3)