The Miller Center offers a variety of basketball events on its four full-sized collegiate basketball courts. Each 94′ by 50′ court allows plenty of space to meet your needs, whether that’s open gym, leagues, or tournaments. Basketball programming includes a variety of basketball leagues, tournaments, camps, clinics, and open play.

LeaguesGrades/AgesStart Date 
Adult Basketball League15 and olderSeptember 4thSchedule/Standings

High School Boys Fall League9th-12thSeptember 22ndRegister
Elementary Boys Fall League3rd-6thNovember 4thRegister
High School Girls Fall League9th-12thSeptember 22ndRegister
Elementary Girls Fall League3rd-6thOctober 30thRegister
Middle School Girls Winter League7th and 8thJanuary 16thRegister
NLS Fall Fest
Boys & Girls Divisions
3rd/4th, 5th,6th,7th and 8th, 9th October 26-27Register
H.S. Boys Shootout9th-12thNovember 2ndRegister
H.S. Girls Shootout9th-12thNovember 2ndRegister
H.S. Girls Shootout9th-12thNovember 3rdRegister
3 v 3 Adult Tournament18-34, 35-49 and 50+January 11th and 12thRegister
March Mania Boys3rd-9thMarch 7th-8thRegister
March Mania Girls3rd-9thMarch 14th-15thRegister
Camps and ClinicsGradesDates 
M.S. Training Series6th-8thSeptember 3rdRegister
Elementary Training Series1st-5thSeptember 4thRegister
H.S. Training Series9th-12thSeptember 29thRegister
AAU Travel BasketballGrades 
Boys AAUHigh SchoolComing Soon
Girls AAUHigh SchoolComing Soon
Boys' AAU Tryouts7thComing Soon
Boys' AAU Tryouts8thComing Soon

Next Level Strong Founder

Kathy Fedorjaka, founder of Next Level Strong, brings her passion and drive of the game of basketball to The Miller Center. Her experience as the Bucknell University Women’s Basketball Coach has brought the basketball programs at the Miller Center to a whole new level. Whether you are looking for 3 v 3 leagues, individual instruction, clinics or tournaments; Coach Fed has developed a well rounded program. Her goal is to impact kids in the game of basketball but also to instill life lessons that they can implement in everyday life.