Big Stars

Big Stars is a program designed as a fun sports experience for many different types of children: 1. Kids who haven’t played any sports yet. 2. Kids who haven’t decided which sport is their favorite. 3. Kids who just want to play and learn sports without any pressure and very little competition. 4. Kids who need to work on teamwork and sportsmanship 5. Kids who just want to have fun.


Children ages 4-6 are invited to participate in this seven week program focusing on not only the sports that are being taught, but also on learning in a group environment with a hint of teamwork thrown in. **Parents are encouraged to participate! Sports that will be practiced include:

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GIANT Little Stars Evening – Starts 3/4

GIANT Little Stars Morning – Starts 3/6

GIANT Little Stars Soccer – Starts 3/7

GIANT Big Stars Soccer – Starts 3/7

GIANT Little Stars Basketball– Starts 3/13

GIANT Big Stars Basketball – Starts 3/13

GIANT Little Stars Art – Starts 4/17