Fitness Center Guidelines

Fitness Center Guidelines

Welcome to the Fitness Center! The Fitness Center is designed for you to have a safe and inspirational space to pursue your health and fitness goals.

In order for our staff to provide the safest and most sanitary fitness environment, please adhere to the following policies:


Monday – Friday: 5:30am – 9:00pm
Saturday: 6:30am – 9:00pm
Sunday: 8:00am – 6:00pm

**Closed on these holidays: New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day


Monthly membership (age 25+): $49/month
Discounted memberships: $39/month
Military (active duty)
Senior (65+)
Youth (13 – 24)

Family Packages

Addition of spouse to annual membership: $25/month*
Addition of youth (ages 13-24) to annual membership: $20/month*
* Annual membership must be paid up front or through a 12-month automatic withdrawal.

A one-time $50.00 membership starter package fee is required with all new memberships. Only one fee per family. This fee includes an orientation session with a certified personal trainer. Initiation fee will be waived for a college student with a current college student I.D

Personal Training Rates

$45 per hour; $30 per ½ hour

Use of Indoor facilities/track (at designated times)

$15/year (included in fitness membership)

Guest Fee

$15/day – all-inclusive

To gain access into the building or Fitness Center, you must have your Miller Center/Fitness Center key card. Please scan your card at the front desk each time you enter the facility. There will be a $15 fee to replace membership cards.

Membership Orientation

All employees are required to complete a fitness assessment, liability waiver, and facility orientation prior to being authorized to use the Fitness Center. Contact the Fitness Center Desk Attendant to set up an appointment for a fitness assessment and orientation.


Any membership changes in your EFT/AUTO CC account must be made prior to the end of the month for it to be effective for the following month. A member’s signature is required. No changes will be made over the phone.
For “snowbirds” and medical concerns (with doctor’s note) ONLY, we will allow a member to put their membership on hold. After returning to the Fitness Center, the member will again be charged at the current Fitness Center rate.
Membership cancellation – A member is obligated to a one-year commitment; however cancellation will be considered for outstanding circumstances (a move more than 60 miles away, or serious medical condition) and evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

If a member cancels their membership for more than six (6) months and then decides to rejoin, they will need to pay the initiation fee of $50.

Other Member Benefits

2 free one-day guest passes per annual membership (for guests under the age of 18, a parent or guardian must sign a wavier)
Complimentary high bandwidth Wi-Fi access
10% off apparel
Discounted rates for drop-in child care

Dress Code

Proper attire must be worn in the Fitness Center. Please follow these guidelines for acceptable apparel in the Fitness Center:
Cut-off shirts and sports bra tanks are prohibited
No open-toe shoes, on-athletic shoes, sandals, dress shoes or flip-flops
Must wear a shirt at all times
No offensive slogans/pictures on shirts or shorts
No revealing or excessively suggestive attire will be permitted

Group Fitness Classes

Most group fitness classes are included with fitness membership. Copies of the group fitness schedule will be provided one week before the following month and will be available at the fitness desk and within the group fitness rooms. Any “premium” classes such as Pilates, Got Strength, etc. may have an additional fee.

Group Fitness Rooms

Please arrive 5-10 minutes early to class if you are a new participant.
If you are running 5-10 minutes late to class, please refrain from attending that class and choose another option.
Proper shoes are required. No street shoes are allowed in the group fitness rooms.
Gym bags are not allowed in the group fitness rooms or multi-purpose rooms. Please leave them in the locker rooms.
Wipe off any equipment after each use.
Please utilize the seating in the fitness hallway to allow the previous class to exit prior to entering the room.

Training Room

No cell phones are permitted in the training room
All users of the training room must be accompanied by a certified trainer.
Locker Rooms
Shower facilities are available in the locker rooms (members are required to bring their own towels). Locks and wall-mounted hairdryers are available.

Health Policy

If you have shingles, the flu, a cold or any other contagious or debilitating illness, please do not train in the Fitness Center. Using the Fitness Center with a contagious illness puts you and all other members at risk. Illness causes an individual’s system to become weaker and the likelihood for injury increases significantly when training under these conditions.

Furthermore, given the nature of physical training, the transmission of contagious diseases occurs quite readily. Wipes of disinfectant and paper towels are available in the Fitness Center and group fitness rooms for cleaning perspiration from the pads, benches, and machines. Please be courteous of fellow Fitness Center members and use the supplies provided in the areas that you use.

Safety Policy

Contact your health care provider prior to using the facility for advice on types of exercises that are appropriate for you. Also contact your health care provider for advice on when to return to exercise following any injury or illness. Start out slowly and increase workout time and intensity gradually. Make sure to include a proper warm-up and cool-down into your workout routine.


Members are encouraged to limit cardio equipment exercise time to 30 minutes when the facility is crowded and others are waiting.
Please return all equipment to its proper place after using.
Please do not drop or slam weights.
Please clean equipment after use.
All weight lifters must use a spotter for safety reasons. If you do not have a lifting partner, ask a Fitness Center staff member to assist you.

Lost and Found

The Miller Center will not be responsible for items lost, stolen or damaged in or at the center. Members are advised to leave valuables at home or locked in your car.
Items will be kept for 2 weeks and then donated or discarded.

Personal Belongings

Please store coats and belongings in proper areas (locker rooms), as bags are not allowed in the fitness areas. Also, do not leave personal property in the facility unattended. Property left unattended will be confiscated.

Cell Phones

Please be courteous to other fitness members and staff and take cell phone calls out to the Fitness Center hallway, main lobby or outside of the facility.

Not Permitted

Disorderly conduct/behavior of ANY kind, including excessive noise, running in the building, or otherwise causing a disruption to the peace and order of the facility.
Vandalizing or defacing materials or property within or surrounding the facility.
Removing materials, equipment or property without authorization.
Use of a camera phone in the locker rooms.
Bringing a bicycle into the facility.
Use of skateboards, in-line skates, roller skates, scooters within the facility.
Possessing or consuming alcohol or being under the influence.
Use of an outside personal trainer.
No dogs are allowed in the Fitness Center unless it is a service dog.

Food and Beverages

Other than water bottles, food and beverages are not allowed in the centers. It should also be noted that water fountains are located near each center if you do not choose to bring water with you to the centers.

Class Cancellation Policy

If a class is cancelled for any reason, notice will be posted on our Facebook page, and an email will be sent out to all members.

Personal Training Cancellation Policy

A client will be charged for a personal training session if less than 24 hour notice is given to the trainer via phone call, text or e-mail.

Inclement Weather

During times of inclement weather, the Fitness Centers will make every effort to remain open. There may be times, however, that a staff member is unable to make a shift due to weather conditions (especially in the early morning) and the Fitness Center will be closed. Please feel free to check our website (, Facebook page, or Twitter feed during these times.

Evacuation Policy/Fire Alarms

Whenever a fire alarm is sounded, immediate evacuation of the building is the appropriate response. If there is a fire alarm while you are using the Fitness Center, you must immediately leave through the nearest exit door and remain outside until it has been announced that it is safe to re-enter.


Any member who incurs an injury or becomes dizzy/ill while using the center should immediately contact a Fitness Center staff person for assistance. A first aid kit is kept at the front desk for minor injuries. In cases requiring more extensive first aid, Fitness Center staff will contact the appropriate persons for assistance. It is important that Fitness Center staff be notified of any cases of injury or illness so that proper procedures can be initiated. Athletic tape may only be used for minor injuries.

Tobacco Free Environment

The Miller Center is a designated tobacco free environment.

Special Events

Announced special events will have precedence for facility usage. Please refer to our program schedules for a listing of sporting events and what areas they will occupy.

Children’s policy

Children under the age of 13 and who are not members of the Fitness Center are not permitted.


All staff are CPR/AED/First Aid Certified. All staff are required to sufficiently complete FBI, Criminal History and Child Abuse background checks.

Membership Revocations and Suspensions

All Miller Center policies and procedures apply to the Fitness Center. The fitness center staff is responsible for enforcement of fitness center guidelines. Courtesy for other members, staff and the equipment in the Fitness Center is expected and required. Loud, boisterous or abusive behavior will not be tolerated. Failure to comply with Fitness Center guidelines may result in immediate eviction from the center, and revocation of membership with no refund.

Guidelines Reviewed and Approved: May 2017