Pedaling for Parkinson’sā„¢ Fitness Class

Pedaling for Parkinson’sā„¢

Pedaling for Parkinsonā€™sā„¢ is an indoor group cycling class for those with Parkinsonā€™s disease. The class is led by trained coaches who provide a monitored and safe exercise protocol. Participants are able to pedal in a controlled environment while being observed and coached properly. Researchers have found cycling, especially at rates above what participants would choose for themselves, appear to make regions of the brain that deal with movement connect to each other more effectively. Some benefits of the Pedaling for Parkinsonā€™s class are more energy and less fatigue, less tension and aid in sleeping, build muscles of the leg, and lowered risk of heart disease.

All Pedaling for Parkinsonā€™sā„¢ classes take place on Mondays and Wednesdays from 9 to 10am. All participants must be assessed so that an exercise protocol can be developed for them.

Pedaling for Parkinsonā€™sā„¢ 1 MonthMembers: $45
Non-members: $60
Unlimited Classes:
Pedaling for Parkinsonā€™sā„¢,
Rock Steady Boxing
Members: $85
Non-members: $110

Rates can be adjusted for those joining part way through the month.
To schedule an assessment, obtain additional information, or get assistance registering for class, please email Cindy Murphy.