Tennis at the Miller Center

Cardio Tennis

Cardio Tennis is an engaging cardio program featuring the heart pumping effects of tennis drills, games, and skills delivering the ultimate full body and calorie burning aerobic and anaerobic workout.
Bringing your personal racquet is encouraged

All workouts will take place on the indoor hard court area and upbeat music will be rockin’! (Must be at least 14 years old)






High School Tennis Clinics

This clinic is designed for tennis players in grades 9-12 looking to take that next step in their tennis skills. Are you looking to make your high school or other organized team? Are you trying to beat one of your tennis partners for the first time? Perhaps you just want to get better at tennis! Come and join experienced high school coach and instructor, Tim Dershem for a fun, fast pace, high energy clinic! The clinic will still emphasize the important fundamentals of tennis while teaching and practicing new techniques and strategies to help you gain that much needed advantage. The clinic will use fun drills, games, point play and match play to engage players. Some of the skills taught and practiced at the clinic will be Forehands, Backhands, Serving, Volley, Drop Shots, Overheads, and Court Strategies. Participants are encouraged to bring their personal racquets. Official age appropriate tennis balls WILL be provided.

Kids Tennis Club

Focus is on developing the ABCs (agility, balance and coordination) and introducing tennis fundamentals. Through engaging activities, players will develop skills needed to get them ready to rally. We will use red felt and foam balls on a 36 ft court. Personal racquets are encouraged but racquets, size 19-21 inches, will be provided.