Audrey Brosius

“My initial reason for seeking Janice’s help was related to issues with balance. As an elderly woman, I feared going down stairs, stepping on and off curbs, looking and reaching up, and walking on uneven surfaces because of falling. Janice works with me to strengthen my muscles and build awareness of how I could use my balance to overcome this fear. This confidence allows me to not only improve my balance but to also increase my daily activities which makes me a happy camper.”


“Class instructor Cindy Murphy and her helpers made it a smooth transition for all of us as we became reacquainted with muscles we hadn’t used for years. The effort each individual patient – and instructor – put into the class was well worthwhile. It’s a blessing for so many of us Parkinson’s patients who aren’t comfortable driving long distances to have such an opportunity for these classes nearby.”

Marcy Shaeffer

“Volunteering to assist with the PWR!Moves for Parkinson’s Disease classes is a great experience – definitely not a task! I’ve observed improvement in physical abilities, and people willing to try new activities and exercises. Recently, one of the participants commented, ‘I couldn’t do this exercise a year ago.’ Wow, what a powerful statement!”

Stephen Duffy

Stephen first came to us on a chilly January morning. He had just finished working third shift and stopped in with an interest in losing weight and regaining a healthier lifestyle. He came in faithfully at 5:30 AM every morning with a big smile and cheerful disposition. He’s lost 65 pounds and counting since January!

Fred Schaeffer

“The Parkinson’s PWRMoves! Wellness Recovery program was so effective at resolving my problems that I decided to work with personal trainer Cindy Murphy one-on-one to maximize the benefits of exercise. I believe that I am more mobile and independent now, at 78 years old, than I was earlier in my journey thanks to this program.”


“Through Parkinson’s Programming at The Lewisburg YMCA at The Miller Center, we discovered we are not alone and that people care.”


“My Parkinson’s class at The Lewisburg YMCA at The Miller Center gave me direction for future work to improve my fitness level.”


“PWR!Moves™ gave me the opportunity to meet other people with Parkinson’s and see how they deal with it and its limitations.”

Drop-in childcare is now available for members of the Fitness Center for only $2 for 90 minutes. We’ll watch the kids while you work out!

We are committed to serving food that embraces the seasons and supports patrons in their pursuit of a healthy lifestyle. Our cafe offers a variety of beverages and on-the-go items that meet our optimal nutrition standards. Try our all-natural banana whips for a delicious alternative to ice cream!

A highly trained and experienced staff of personal trainers work with individuals and small groups to help with everything from mobility improvement and injury recovery to high performance training for serious athletes.

Our spacious 12,430 ft2 courtyard area is the perfect venue for events, activities, or informal social gatherings.

Swan Stull

“I am determined, have more energy, and have fun becoming physically and mentally healthier. My knee is still arthritic and my vertebrae still ‘slip,’ but we do exercises that strengthen rather than aggravate them. It is a challenging work-out, but the payoff is priceless. Since Lis has created a flexible and dynamic workout for me, I am never bored and always feel stronger and happy. Fist bumps all around!”

Robin Ruby

“For over 25 years I have suffered from back pain caused by a degenerative disc disease.  I decided to join the gym in order to lose weight and manage the pain.  When I filled out my paper work I listed my goal as ‘just moving some!’ Now I’m doing more physically than I’ve done in 25 years.”